• Back on the Cleanse
    (photo: me in 24 hours, cred: Coming back from a year around the world does a lot to a person. I’ve seen amazing places, eaten everything (noticeably, but worth it), met incredible people, and went on a million dates (I really should do an official tally of them). Some ... read more
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  • How To Have Amazing Experiences
    People often say that my life is amazing, and it is, but I go through a lot of uncomfortable and necessary things to travel full-time, to work and sightsee and eat delicious food and write and try new passion projects and and and.This article really clearly illustrated (literally) and described the ... read more
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  • Breaking: Bay Area Bros Shocked By UnAmerican Disruption
    Facebook said in a statement earlier this month that about 25% of the ads purchased by Russians during the election “were geographically targeted,” though many analysts have said they find it difficult to believe that foreign entities would have had the kind of granular knowledge of American politics necessary to ... read more
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  • How to slow down time — and other life lessons I learned on Remote year.
    I hope I never cease to be impressed by airplanes.The fact that we can hop on a plane, fly into the clouds and across the world is pretty damn incredible.And I actually find myself looking forward to flights, because they are one of the final frontiers where we’re allowed to ... read more
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    LA LA LAND-A fanciful state or dreamworld To experience LA is to feel the cool vibes of the people who have been transplanted there with their “effortlessly” chic outfits and their chill demeanor. I am lucky enough to have a great friend whom I can visit and experience the wonder and beauty ... read more
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  • Washed Up
    Wise words from The World's Dumbest Traveler I used to be a slightly above-average American soccer player. Back in the day, I played against pros and played with a purpose. When I took the field, I was playing for a trophy, I was playing for my school and I was ... read more
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  • The Complete Guide To Capri (No, I’m Not Talking About The Pants)
    Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone spent the summer on the Amalfi Coast? For the last four months, my entire Instagram feed has been overwhelmed with photos of green-and-orange umbrellas, cute Italian-style bikinis and seafood pasta. Considering those are two of my favorite things  I decided I had ... read more
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  • Halfway (?!)
    The end of Kaizen’s time in Chiang Mai is quickly approaching and that signals a big (and potentially terrifying) milestone for us: we are just about at the halfway point in our Remote Year.…wutI was literally just sitting in my apartment in Austin, reading a Remote’s post on Medium about their ... read more
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  • Buenos Aires and me – not a match
    My first experience of Buenos Aires was in January 2011 when I was travelling to the Antarctic, and it did not go well. (If you ever get a chance to visit Antarctica – go! It’s my absolute favourite trip I’ve done!)   Buenos Aires is a huge city and as ... read more
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  • Hurry up and wait
    “Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” Joyce Meyer We tap our feet at the Starbucks counter only to get our coffee and sit at a table.. We rush through the checkout counter when a simple smile and how is your ... read more
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  • To South Africa We Go
    Remote Year has given me the unique opportunity to book trips on a whim and head to places I never dreamed of before this year. Since our program fee covers our travel between each country, I had a travel credit for our flight from Valencia, Spain to Buenos Aires, Argentina ... read more
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  • Not All Who Wander Are Lost – A Perspective on Long-Term Travel, Homesickness & the Types of People I’ve Encountered Along the Way
    Here I am, nearly eight months into traveling around the world.  The past six weeks have been an absolute whirlwind, visiting 12 countries and 18+ cities before I head to South America. Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to write but I have had an absolute blast seeing ... read more
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  • Contemplating Contradictions
    I’m sitting on a rock overlooking Lake Mary, about 25 minutes outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. My laptop is balanced on my knees, and I’m a conflicted ball of emotions. Remote Year is over. It’s been over for 50 days actually. I’ve been back in the US for 44 of those ... read more
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  • Day 263
    One of the hardest parts of traveling and sightseeing for roughly 9 months straight is that sometimes you just get completely exhausted at the least convenient times, like when it’s your only full day to explore in Barcelona but you hit a wall mid-day and desperately need a 2-hour nap ... read more
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  • Day 262
    I traveled from Lisbon to Barcelona and upon checking into my hostel ran into the one and only Carol, so she and I enjoyed a night out having wine + tapas with some professional friends of hers, and at about 1:30am I hit the hardest wall, as if I had ... read more
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