• Week 3 Recap: I Got My Swim Trunks & My Flippy Floppies
    Where does one even begin? Two yachts, 18 (+ 2 skippers) people, 1 week, and enough booze to keep a small city drunk at all times. Think MTV’s Real World, just on a boat. Once again, this week was both the longest and the shortest week in one. Obviously putting ... read more
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  • Business Headshots
    Source: Joelle Pitman – La Joie de VivrePublished on 2017-06-23By Joelle Pittman
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  • Welcome to New York
    I moved. Which has been a constant theme all my life and this past year. But this time, I made a big move, by myself. With little assistance and hand holding, but a lot of advice from friends and family who have lived here. And so begins the next chapter ... read more
    Source: Jessica Schlauderaff – Life Lived HerePublished on 2017-06-23By Jessica
    13 hours ago
  • Lima, que linda!
    My tour of South America was just beginning with Colombia - and I knew that Peru had a LOT in store. The month ahead had a ridiculous amount of side trips, a visit from two friends, and a couple of my own world wonders in store. But, let's not get ... read more
    Source: Lauren Bernal – Your Travel Blog SucksPublished on 2017-06-22By Lauren Bernal
    19 hours ago
  • Fear vs. intuition
      How do you know when your fear is irrational and something you should “get over” or if it’s your intuition telling you “don’t do it”?   Over the years and through traveling alone, I’ve developed a strong sense of intuition and rarely do I question the gut feeling that ... read more
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  • Let Me See You Do That Yoga
    Yoga and spiritual retreats are all the rage right now with many to choose from.  There are meditation retreats in India, yoga and spiritual retreats in Bali and yoga festivals in pretty much every city. When choosing a company to go with decide what you are looking for.  Is it ... read more
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  • Meanderings in Malaysia
    All of the Remote Year cities on the Southeast Asia leg of my itinerary were repeats of cities I had previously visited on my post-Bar trip a few years ago when I graduated law school. I was excited to return to many of them and see what changed and see ... read more
    Source: Maya Yette – Maya’s Remote YearPublished on 2017-06-21By Maya Yette
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  • Halfway Through Remote Year: 10 Things I Miss
    Five months ago today, I left for Remote Year. These are the 10 things I miss the most.1. Vegan cheeseBehold, the Oklahoma Burger from Native Foods. Complete with onion rings, caramelized onions, facon, and sunflower cheese.2. Family and friendsI miss my Parisa, Dina, Moni, Alyse, Melissa, and lots of others. I've been ... read more
    Source: Taylor Fiscus – fiscus merakiPublished on 2017-06-21By Taylor Fiscus
    3 days ago
  • Kuala Lumpur Bears
    Where are all the kuala bears? This was the question that I asked myself as I walked through the super hot and humid streets of Kuala Lumpur. It was the first Asian city that I was calling home on my journey and I was super excited for the opportunity to see ... read more
    Source: Matt Levin – Matt Visits Random Places In The WorldPublished on 2017-06-21By Matt Levin
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  • The Question of Why: How I Got a Step Closer to My Life’s Purpose
    Pairs Well With…Slight Changes in Course + Mind Benders + Deep thinking + Self Reflection You know that feeling you get when you read something that doesn’t sit well with you, for whatever reason?  Maybe an article or an idiotic tweet, and it makes your blood boil? You’re fired up ... read more
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  • What patterns did you notice around whether highlights happened for quotes you emphasized (like…
    What patterns did you notice around whether highlights happened for quotes you emphasized (like this one) in a pull-out format or solo paragraph vs. highlights of fragments/sentences within paragraphs.I think that would be really interesting too — to see whether we are good at gauging what quotes are going to be popular ... read more
    Source: Katherine Conaway – “Katherine Conaway”Published on 2017-06-20By Katherine Conaway
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  • Week 9
    Lisboa is a really interesting place, especially after coming from Prague. As much as Prague was organized, clean, efficient, and put together, Lisbon is the exact opposite. I’ve often found myself describing it to friends as contained chaos. The people are loud, gregarious and emotional, the streets are a disorganized ... read more
    Source: Dana Bakirtjy – Dana Went WherePublished on 2017-06-20By dbakirtjy
    3 days ago
  • I’m living where? The hidden gem of Sofia, Bulgaria
    We’ve been living in Sofia for  about three weeks now and its been a nice refreshing recharge so far. Going into Remote Year, I knew I would love my first three months traveling through Croatia, Czech Republic and Portugal but I wasn’t sure how the next two would shape up ... read more
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  • Week 8
    My last week in Prague had me wishing I was staying here longer. This city is really so incredible- I could easily see myself living here long-term. Having an office here was also a giant win- as much as I enjoy being around people with such a diverse group of ... read more
    Source: Dana Bakirtjy – Dana Went WherePublished on 2017-06-20By dbakirtjy
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  • Remote Year Darién – Is This a Conclusion?
    Many of my fellow remotes have already written something about their experiences during the year and come to some conclusion about the meaning of it all. The honest truth for me though is that I don’t know what it means to me yet. My experience was very different from most ... read more
    Source: Tyler Duzan – Wandering in WonderingPublished on 2017-06-19
    4 days ago