LA LA LAND-A fanciful state or dreamworld To experience LA is to feel the cool vibes of the people who have been transplanted there with their “effortlessly” chic outfits and their chill demeanor. I am lucky enough to have a great friend whom I can visit and experience the wonder and beauty ... read more
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  • The Complete Guide To Capri (No, I’m Not Talking About The Pants)
    Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone spent the summer on the Amalfi Coast? For the last four months, my entire Instagram feed has been overwhelmed with photos of green-and-orange umbrellas, cute Italian-style bikinis and seafood pasta. Considering those are two of my favorite things  I decided I had ... read more
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  • Hurry up and wait
    “Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.” Joyce Meyer We tap our feet at the Starbucks counter only to get our coffee and sit at a table.. We rush through the checkout counter when a simple smile and how is your ... read more
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  • Not All Who Wander Are Lost – A Perspective on Long-Term Travel, Homesickness & the Types of People I’ve Encountered Along the Way
    Here I am, nearly eight months into traveling around the world.  The past six weeks have been an absolute whirlwind, visiting 12 countries and 18+ cities before I head to South America. Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to write but I have had an absolute blast seeing ... read more
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  • it’s your turn to speak
    My name was called and as my heart was beating faster and faster and my hands were shaking I went up to the podium, did my speech that I practiced 100 times and don’t even remember a word I said. I was asked to speak at a PechaKucha on retaining ... read more
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  • How To Stay In Shape While Traveling
    Since I recently wrote a post declaring my love to a pastry, I figured it was about time I share some of my tips for how I stay in shape while traveling full time. First things first: It’s not easy. The kind of “boutique fitness” that I was used to ... read more
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  • This is the place I was telling you about…
    Being an event planner I am asked daily for restaurant recommendations, vacation destinations, what to do on said vacation, baby shower tips, bachelorette party itineraries and so on. I am a firm believer in that the destination or the itinerary really doesn’t matter all that much as long as you are with ... read more
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  • I Got Naked At A Bulgarian Hot Spring And My Skin Felt F-ing Amazing
    Two new things I tried this week: Living in Bulgaria  Getting naked in a Bulgarian hot spring with a group of fellow remotes and some elderly Bulgarian women. First of all, Sofia (which is the capital of Bulgaria, for anyone who is as clueless as I was before I moved ... read more
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  • Dear 2018 Self…
    Pairs Well With… “Relax and trust the timing of your life.  You will figure out your career. You will find the right relationship. You will become the person you always wanted to be. Just don’t forget to appreciate who you are now.” -Unknown   Dear 2018 Self, You’ve most certainly ... read more
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  • What To Eat, Drink And Do In Lisbon
    Before my first trip to Portugal last year, Lisbon wasn’t exactly high on my bucket list. I didn’t know much about the city, other than the fact that it wasn’t Paris or Rome…. Two places where I was far more interested in spending my summer vacation. But as soon ... read more
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  • On Turning 26
    It’s crazy to think about what a difference a year makes. Last year, I was so work-oriented and out-of-the-loop socially that when I got scheduled to hostess on my birthday, I didn’t even try to find a replacement because at least working would guarantee that I would have friends to ... read more
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  • How Traveling In Asia Triggered My Eating Disorder (And What I Did To Deal With It)
    The first time I went to Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur’s bustling indoor street food market, I had an anxiety attack. I wandered around the hundreds of stalls attempting to read the menus, which were all written in languages I couldn’t read (let alone understand), looking at different food items that ... read more
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  • Traveling Has Made Me Totally Stop Wearing A Bra
    “What is this, No Bra 2017?” James asks me every morning when I get dressed, sans bra. “WOO HOO!!!! NO BRA 2017!!!!!” I reply like I’m a 19-year-old on spring break and he’s hosting a wet T-shirt contest at Señor Frogs (#tbt). Much to my boyfriend’s apparent chagrin, “No Bra 2017” is very, very ... read more
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  • I Decided To Get an IUD For Travel And It’s The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made
    When people talk about losing their virginity, the story usually starts out in the backseat of a Jetta or on a beer-stained basement couch, and ends with the phrase, “it was terrible.” My experience was nothing like that. I was 15 at the time, and head over heels in love with my then-boyfriend. ... read more
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  • I Hiked A Glacier In Iceland And Found The World’s Best Kept Skincare Secret
    The most important thing I learned in Iceland is that Volcanic ash skincare is life changing. But let me back up. I have something kind of embarrassing to admit: When I got to Iceland, I was pretty confused about the difference between a “glacier” and an “iceberg.” As it turns out, ... read more
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